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Phân lớp S Nông nghiệp (Tổng quát)
Phân lớp SB Trồng trọt
Phân lớp SD Lâm nghiệp
Phân lớp SF Chăn nuôi
Phân lớp SH Nuôi trồng thủy sản. Thủy sản. Câu
Phân lớp SK Các môn thể thao săn bắn

Phân lớp S

S1-(972) Nông nghiệp (Tổng quát)
S21-400.5   Documents and other collections
S403 Agricultural missions, voyages, etc.
S419-482 History
S530-559 Agricultural education
S539.5-542.3   Research. Experimentation
S544-545.53 Agricultural extension work
S548-548.6 Historic farms
S550-559 Exhibitions. Fairs
S560-571.5 Farm economics. Farm management. Agricultural mathematics
Including production standards, record keeping, farmwork rates, marketing
S583-587.73 Agricultural chemistry. Agricultural chemicals
S588.4-589.6 Agricultural physics
Including radioisotopes in agriculture
S589.7 Agricultural ecology (General)
S589.75-589.76 Agriculture and the environment
S589.8-589.87 Plant growing media. Potting soils
S590-599.9 Soils. Soil science
Including soil surveys, soil chemistry, soil structure, soil-plant relationships
S600-600.7 Agricultural meteorology. Crops and climate
S602.5-604.37 Methods and systems of culture. Cropping systems
Including fallowing, rotation of crops, plowing
S604.5-604.64 Agricultural conservation
S604.8-621.5 Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation, etc., of lands
S605.5 Organic farming. Organiculture
S606-621.5 Special classes of lands and reclamation methods
Including woodlands, burning of lands, deserts, saline environments, moors
S622-627 Soil conservation and protection
S631-667 Fertilizers and improvement of the soil
S671-760.5 Farm machinery and farm engineering
S770-790.3 Agricultural structures. Farm buildings
S900-(972) Conservation of natural resources
Including land conservation

Phân lớp SB

SB1-1110 Trồng trọt
SB39   Horticultural voyages, etc.
SB71-87 History
SB107-109 Economic botany
SB109.7-111 SB112 Methods for special areas
Including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture
SB112 Irrigation farming
SB113.2-118.46 Seeds. Seed technology
SB118.48-118.75 Nurseries. Nursery industry
SB119-124 Propagation
Including breeding, selection, grafting, air layering
SB125 Training and pruning
SB126 Artificial light gardening
SB126.5-126.57 Hydroponics. Soilless agriculture
SB127 Forcing
SB128 Growth regulators
SB129-130 Harvesting, curing, storage
SB169-172.5 Tree crops
SB175-177 Food crops
SB183-317 Field crops
Including cereals, forage crops, grasses, legumes, root crops, sugar plants, textile plants, alkaloidal plants, medicinal plants
SB317.5-319.864 Horticulture. Horticultural crops
SB320-353.5 Vegetables
SB354-402 Fruit and fruit culture
SB381-386   Berries and small fruits
SB387-399 Grape culture. Viticulture
SB401 Nuts
SB403-450.87 Flowers and flower culture. Ornamental plants
SB406.7-406.83 Plant propagation
SB409-413 Culture of individual plants
SB414 Forcing
SB414.6-417 Greenhouses and greenhouse culture
SB418-418.4 Container gardening
SB419-419.3 Indoor gardening and houseplants
SB419.5 Roof gardening. Balcony gardening
SB421-439.8 Classes of plants
Including annuals, climbers, ferns, lawns, perennials, shrubs
SB441-441.75 Flower shows. Exhibitions
SB442.5 Care and preparation of cut flowers and ornamental plants for market
SB442.8-443.4 Marketing. Cut flower industry. Florists
SB446-446.6 Horticultural service industry
SB447 Preservation and reproduction of flowers, fruits, etc.
SB447.5 Bonkei. Tray landscapes
SB449-450.87 Flower arrangement and decoration
SB450.9-467.8 Gardens and gardening
SB469-(476.4)   Landscape gardening. Landscape architecture
SB481-486 Parks and public reservations
Including theory, management, history
SB599-990.5 Pests and diseases
SB608   Individual or types of plants or trees
SB610-615 Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.
SB617-618 Poisonous plants
SB621-795 Plant pathology
SB818-945 Economic entomology
SB950-990.5 Pest control and treatment of diseases. Plant protection
SB950.9-970.4   Pesticides
SB973-973.5 Soil disinfection
SB974-978 Organic plant protection. Biological control
SB979.5-985 Inspection. Quarantine
SB992-998 Economic zoology applied to crops. Agricultural zoology
Including animals injurious and beneficial to plants

Phân lớp SD

SD1-669.5 Lâm nghiệp
SD11-115 Documents
SD119 Voyages, etc.
SD131-247.5 History of Lâm nghiệp. Forest conditions
SD250-363.3 Lâm nghiệp education
SD388 Lâm nghiệp machinery and engineering
SD388.5 Tools and implements
SD389 Forest roads
SD390-390.43 Forest soils
SD390.5-390.7 Forest meteorology. Forest microclimatology
SD391-410.9 Sylviculture
SD411-428 Conservation and protection
Including forest influences, damage by elements, fires, forest reserves
SD430-(559) Exploitation and utilization
Including timber trees, fuelwood, logging, transportation, valuation
SD561-669.5 Administration. Policy

Phân lớp SF

SF1-1100 Chăn nuôi
SF41-55   History
SF84-84.64 Economic zoology
SF84.82-85.6 Rangelands. Range management. Grazing
SF87 Acclimatization
SF89 Transportation
SF91 Housing and environmental control
SF92 Equipment and supplies
SF94.5-99 Feeds and feeding. Animal nutrition
SF101-103.5 Brands and branding, and other means of identifying
SF105-109 Breeding and breeds
SF111-113 Cost, yield, and profit. Accounting
SF114-121 Exhibitions
SF170-180 Working animals
SF191-275 Cattle
SF221-250   Dairying
SF250.5-275 Dairy processing. Dairy products
SF277-360.4 Horses
SF294.2-297 Horse sports. Horse shows
SF304.5-307 Driving
SF308.5-310.5 Horsemanship. Riding
SF311-312 Draft horses
SF315-315.5 Ponies
SF321-359.7 Racing
SF360-360.4 Feral horses. Wild horses
SF361-361.73 Donkeys
SF362 Mules
SF371-379 Sheep. Wool
SF380-388 Goats
SF391-397.83 Swine
SF402-405 Fur-bearing animals
SF405.5-407 Laboratory animals
SF408-408.6 Zoo animals
SF409 Small Chăn nuôi
SF411-459 Pets
SF421-440.2 Dogs. Dog racing
SF441-450 Cats
SF451-455 Rabbits and hares
SF456-458.83 Fishes. Aquariums
SF459 Other animals
SF461-473 Birds. Cage birds
SF481-507 Poultry. Eggs
SF508-(510.6) Game birds
SF511-511.5 Ostrich
SF512-513 Ornamental birds
SF515-515.5 Reptiles
SF518 Insect rearing
SF521-539.8 Bee culture
SF541-560 Sericulture. Silk culture
SF561   Lac-insects
SF600-1100 Veterinary medicine
SF756.5-769.5   Special preclinical sciences
Including veterinary genetics, ethology, anatomy, physiology, embryology, pathology
SF780.2-780.7 Veterinary microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology
SF780.9 Veterinary epidemiology. Epizootiology
SF781-809 Communicable diseases of animals (General)
SF810 Veterinary parasitology
SF810.5-810.7 Predatory animals and their control
SF811-909 Veterinary medicine of special organs, regions, and systems
SF910 Other diseases and conditions
SF910.5 Veterinary orthopedics
SF911-914.4 Veterinary surgery
SF914.3-914.4   Veterinary traumatology. Veterinary emergencies
SF914.5 Veterinary acupuncture
SF915-919.5 Veterinary pharmacology
SF925 Veterinary physical medicine
SF951-997.5 Diseases of special classes of animals

Phân lớp SH

SH1-691 Nuôi trồng thủy sản. Thủy sản. Câu
SH20.3-191   Aquaculture
SH33-134.6   By region or country
SH138 Mariculture
SH151-179 Fish culture
SH171-179   Diseases and adverse factors
SH185-191 Frogs, leeches, etc.
SH201-399 Fisheries
SH213-216.55 By oceans and seas
SH219-321 By region or country
SH327.5-327.7 Fishery resources. Fishery conservation
SH328-329 Fishery management. Fishery policy
SH334 Economic aspects. Finance
SH334.5-334.7 Fishery technology
SH334.9-336.5 Fishery processing
SH337 Packing, transportation, and storage
SH337.5 Fishing port facilities
SH343.2-343.3 Fishery oceanography. Fishery meteorology
SH343.4 Fishery research vessels
SH343.5 Exploratory fishing
SH343.8 Navigation
SH343.9 Safety measures
SH344-344.8 Methods and gear. Catching of fish
SH346-351 Fishery for individual species
SH360-363 Seal fisheries. Fur sealing
SH364 Sea otter
SH365-380.92 Shellfish fisheries. Shellfish culture
SH381-385 Whaling
SH387 Porpoises. Dolphins
SH388.7-391.5 Algae culture
SH393 Seagrasses
SH396 Sponge fisheries
SH400-400.8 Seafood gathering
SH401-691 Angling
Including tackle, casting, methods of angling, angling for special kinds of fish

Phân lớp SK

SK1-664 Các môn thể thao săn bắn
SK37-39.5   Shooting
SK40-268 By country
SK281-293 Special methods and types of hunting
Including bolos, game calling, tracking, trapping, dressing
SK284-287   Fox hunting
SK291-292 Coursing
SK293 Ferreting
SK295-305 Big game
SK311-335 Bird hunting. Fowling
SK336 Varmint hunting (General)
SK337 Predator hunting
SK341 Other game
SK351-579 Wildlife management. Game protection
Including annual reports of game commissioners
SK590-593 Wild animal trade
SK650-664 Wildlife-related recreation